Sunday, July 14, 2024

Blocksquare Unveils DeFi Launchpad and Reachs $100M

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Blocksquare Unveils DeFi Launchpad and Reachs $100M. Blocksquare, a real-world asset (RWA) tokenization protocol, declared that it had tokenized real estate properties valued at $100 million on its platform. A press release supplied to CryptoPotato states that Blocksquare’s decentralized finance launchpad, Oceanpoint v0.5, which is intended to support real estate tokenization firms, is launching at the same time as the tokenization of $100 million in real estate assets.

Blocksquare Tokenizes $100M in RWAsBlocksquare Tokenizes $100M in RWAs

The 118 properties that makeup Blocksquare’s tokenized assets are spread throughout more than 21 countries and include dining establishments, lodgings, medical facilities, apartments, and parking lots. According to the company, the notarization of a tokenized real estate transaction on the European Land Registry attests to the strength of its legal structure.

By completing the first-ever notarized tokenization of a real estate property and linking it with the Slovenian land registry, Blocksquare reached a first-of-its-kind milestone in September 2023. This accomplishment opened up a roughly $16 trillion market for the protocol.

“This achievement enables secure on-chain operations, setting a new global standard and demonstrating Blocksquare’s commitment to innovation and security in the real estate tokenization industry,” the company stated.

Now that Blocksquare’s Oceanpoint ecosystem is operational, users can change their BST utility token into BST, the governance token, or stake BST, the protocol’s utility token. The real estate tokenization infrastructure developer claimed that Oceanpoint expands on its current protocol by giving everybody with an internet connection access to real estate financing.

Blocksquare Unveils DeFi Launchpad

Market players have the opportunity to support tokenization marketplace operators with enormous potential and receive incentives by using BST and BST. Through its launchpad initiative, Blocksquare provides software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions at up to 100% discount for RWA tokenization startups, making it easier and more efficient for them to start and expand their businesses. “Over $100M in real estate assets in 21 countries across the globe is a clear signal to the industry that tokenizing RWAs like real estate holds immense value for creating a bridge to invest in traditional assets,” stated Denis Petrovcic, co-founder and CEO of Blocksquare.

Our innovative team, devoted marketplace partners, and forward-thinking BST holding community are working together to democratize investing and drive the real estate revolution. Blocksquare, meanwhile, claimed that their marketplace pools offer operators and the community an inclusive route.

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