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The Best Upcoming NFTs & New NFT Projects

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The Best Upcoming NFTs & New NFT Projects. There is a steady stream of new NFT projects vying for attention in the NFT industry, even though more established NFT projects still control most activity and valuations in the NFT markets. The top new NFT projects that have the potential to become more well-known and command more excellent prices in the future are highlighted in this article. This list is only comprised of projects that were introduced in 2023 and 2024. Most NFT projects on our list are collections of profile pictures or “PFP” NFTs, as these have the broadest appeal and have been the most successful yet.

Before we start, it’s important to remember that investing in NFTs can be dangerous. This is particularly the case for new NFT initiatives that haven’t had a chance to build a solid track record.

List of the best new NFT projects in 2024:

  1. Crypto Robots City – New NFT project with staking and airdrop rewards
  2. GamifAI – Gaming ordinals on the Bitcoin network
  3. Nakamigos – A CryptoPunks-inspired collection with significant hype
  4. HV-MTL – Dynamic NFTs from BAYC creators Yuga Labs
  5. Outlaws – Wild West-inspired NFTs with a distinct visual style
  6. Saved Souls – An NFT collection with an emphasis on community and gamification
  7. a KID called BEAST – An NFT collection powering a web3 brand
  8. Checks – An NFT collection with unique minting and burning mechanics

The best new NFT projects in 2024The best new NFT projects in 2024

If you’re unsure how to begin collecting and trading NFTs, look at our NFT crash course, which will briefly review all the essential ideas. Assuming you are familiar with the fundamentals, let’s begin by presenting the top recently launched and forthcoming NFT projects for 2024.

1. Crypto Robots City – New NFT project with staking and airdrop rewards

A brand-new NFT project called Crypto Robots City has 1565 distinct treasures in the vein of old animation. One of the most crucial aspects of NFTs is low transaction costs, which Polygon’s quick blockchain network offers. The collection will be created on this network. Crypto Robots City is available on NFT markets that facilitate trade on Ethereum and Polygon networks.

One feature of the Crypto Robots City project that sets it apart is the option to stake NFTs in a specific app. Users who stake their NFTs can generate passive money. Furthermore, owners of Crypto Robots City NFTs can anticipate receiving 100 million CRC tokens as part of an airdrop of CRC tokens for minting users.

2. GamifAI – Gaming ordinals on the Bitcoin network

A game initiative called GamifAI is utilizing the technological prowess of Bitcoin ordinals—digital asset inscriptions on the Bitcoin blockchain—in its development. The data is linked to individual satoshis, Bitcoin’s smallest currency unit. While Bitcoin ordinals and NFTs on Ethereum and other networks are comparable in practice, they do not save information on the blockchain using the same method.

In user-generated gaming, GamifAI is a trailblazer in applying Bitcoin ordinals, enabling developers to create, produce, and mint games straight into the blockchain. The project combines the security of Bitcoin with state-of-the-art technology to create a novel ecosystem in which users can mint ordinals with a gaming focus.

According to the project’s concept, everyone can host games on the Bitcoin network and play them on Magic Eden and other comparable platforms.

3. Nakamigos – A CryptoPunks-inspired collection with significant hype

An NFT project called Nakamigos debuted in March 2023 and has a public mint. Soon after its launch, the collection had a spike in trading activity that swiftly attracted the attention of the NFT community and made it one of the most anticipated NFT initiatives of the moment.

Using a beginning price of 1 ETH and a lower bound of 0.01 ETH, a Dutch auction was used to sell Nakamigos during the minting process. The collection is now the fifth-ranked collection on OpenSea regarding weekly trading volume, with a floor price of 0.62 ETH.

Twenty thousand avatars in a straightforward, CryptoPunk-inspired pixel art style make up the Nakamigos NFT collection. The avatars have the same 24 by 24-pixel size as CryptoPunks. The project was developed by HiFo Labs, a relatively unknown business that states that its team members had worked in the NFT industry for the last five years.

The majority of the Nakamigos collection’s avatars feature human beings. Less frequently, though, are non-human Nakamigos. The ghost variety of Nakamigo is the rarest.

Unlike many other NFT projects, Nakamigos has no roadmap or special perks for holders. However, Nakamigos holders do have commercial rights over their NFTs; so far, the team has taken a mostly hands-off approach similar to what Larva Labs did with CryptoPunks before Yuga Labs acquired the intellectual property.

4. HV-MTL – Dynamic NFTs from BAYC creators Yuga Labs

The most well-known firm in the NFT area, Yuga Labs, is creating the HV-MTL (Heavy Metal) NFT collection. Within the Bored Ape Yacht Club reality, the HV-MTL collection comprises 30,000 NFTs that depict machines that have entered the world via a space-time rift.

HV-MTL are intended to be dynamic NFTs that adapt to their owners’ choices, changing how they look and acquiring new abilities and jobs. Owners can design and build a workshop in the HV-MTL Forge using their HV-MTL NFTs, readying their HV-MTLs for their evolution.

Yuga Labs, the most well-known firm in the NFT area, designed the HV-MTL (Heavy Metal) NFT collection. Thirty thousand NFTs comprise the HV-MTL collection, which is set within the Bored Ape Yacht Club universe and represents machines that have entered the world via a space-time rift.

HV-MTL are created as dynamic NFTs that adapt to their owners’ choices, changing in appearance and acquiring new jobs and abilities. Through the HV-MTL Forge, owners can design and customize a workshop to get their HV-MTLs ready for evolution by using their HV-MTL NFTs.

5. Outlaws – Wild West-inspired NFTs with a distinct visual style

The NFT collection Outlaws draws inspiration from the American West. The collection comprises ten thousand avatars with a profile picture of cowboy figures. The project also intends to create several personalized Honorary NFTs, which will be awarded to well-known figures in the cryptocurrency world.

The Outlaws collection differs from most other new NFT projects thanks to its unique color palette and artistic approach. The avatars were created using an algorithm randomly chosen from a list of more than 140 attributes to give each Outlaws NFT a unique appearance.

Users were allowed to mint an Outlaws NFT for 0.04 ETH starting on April 12, when the minting procedure began. After that, anyone could mint an Outlaws NFT for 0.05 ETH during a public mint. As of this writing, the collection’s floor price on OpenSea is 0.18 ETH. This is before the reveal, allowing each holder to view the avatar they received.

6. Saved Souls – An NFT collection with an emphasis on community and gamification

The NFT collection Saved Souls was minted in April of 2023. One Saved Souls NFT could be minted for free by each user; additional mints cost 0.009 ETH. The concept stresses adventure and exploration with a nautical solid element.

Like Bored Ape Yacht Club, the Saved Souls collection is a PFP NFT collection. The avatars are randomly ornamented with features of varying rarity after being constructed algorithmically. According to the initiative, gamification features for Saved Souls NFT holders are being developed. As an illustration, holders can obtain achievements by hitting specific benchmarks, and community members are presently engaged in efforts to unlock the Saved Souls world map.

7. a KID called BEAST – An NFT collection powering a web3 brand

A KID called BEAST (AKCB) is an NFT collection launched in January 2023. The collection consists of 10,000 3D characters designed for 3D virtual worlds and augmented reality. The collection contains 20 different “beast hoods,” essentially different types of characters in the AKCB world. There are 500 NFTs for each of the 20 best hoods.

The AKCB project is trying to position itself as a web3 brand aiming to have a presence both in the metaverse and in the physical world through collaborations with fashion brands, musicians, and other players with cultural significance.

The AKCB collection has gained quite a bit of traction and has a floor price of about 0.74 ETH on OpenSea.

8. Checks – An NFT collection with unique minting and burning mechanics

Checks is an NFT collection minted in January 2023. The collection is inspired by the concept of Twitter’s verification checkmark, which used to denote that the account owner was a notable individual or organization but was later changed to reflect that the account owner purchased a subscription to Twitter’s premium service.

The Checks collection is split into Editions, which are mutable, and Originals, which are immutable. Edition Checks can be migrated to Original Checks anytime, although the corresponding Edition version is burned (destroyed). Originals can have several different characteristics, which impact their composition, color scheme, color gradients, the number of checks on the artwork, and more.

Checks NFTs were created by Jack Butcher, who is known for his company Visualize Value, a platform that provides courses on sales and growing companies while explaining complex concepts with intuitive visuals.

The bottom line

Numerous NFT initiatives appear on the market daily, which is not surprising considering how profitable the NFT industry can be. On the other hand, many of the NFT collections being issued these days are of poor quality. NFT collections frequently exhibit shoddy art direction, a disjointed concept, or exaggerated claims. These undertakings are usually not worth your tim, andyou are just looking to make a fast buck.

But if you’re prepared to sort the wheat from the chaff, several intriguing new NFT projects have the potential to succeed and rank among the greatest NFTs available for purchase. With any luck, our post has assisted you in locating a few worthwhile projects.

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